Shining Seahawks Archive!
A new program to recognize cadets who attain high academic achievement and take pride in DMA and in themselves.  Cadets are nominated by faculty members and Naval Science Instructors and chosen by Shining Seahawk Selection Committee.  The factors that are   invloved in nominating and selecting cadets are scholarship, leadership and citizenship. Cadets can only win Shining Seahawk of the Month once during the school year.  At the end of the year, they are eligible for selection as Shining Seahawk of the Year.
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Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for January!
Freshmen: Cadet Johnny Means has been nominated by Mr. O’Kneski.  During his first weeks, this cadet struggled to even earn a D in American Government, but he was able to break the code of success at the DMA by following 4 simple words: “study and hard work”.  He now has never earned less than an A on any of Mr. O’Kneski’s assignments.  Cadet Means is solid proof that any Cadet at the DMA can achieve academic success if they only follow these words: “study and hard work”.  Congratulations Cadet Means! Sophomore: Cadet Chloe McBride has been nominated by Ms. Carson for her willingness to help others and her enthusiasm to learn.  Her eagerness is infectious to those around her and she always puts forth 100% effort.  Her positivity and eagerness make her a perfect Shining Seahawk.  Congratulations Cadet McBride! Junior: Cadet David Carey has been nominated by Mr. Austin.  It’s about pure HEART!  Cadet Carey consistently participates at a high level of physical activity despite his physical limitations.  His courage should embolden each and every one of us to strive for excellence no matter what.  He shows us how important it is to grit our teeth and fight with an attitude of stalwart determination and fortitude.  Cadet Carey is an inspiration to us all.  Congratulations Cadet Carey! Senior: Cadet Joseph Holden has been nominated by Ms. Rogers for his outstanding performance as one of the Top 12 Tenor 1’s in the state of Delaware.  He sang in the Delaware All State Chorus with the most advanced high school singers in the state.  He does all this while maintaining excellent grades in all of his Honors and AP classes.  Congratulations Cadet Holden!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for February!
Freshmen: Cadet Matthew Gamble has been nominated by Ms. Fabian for his outstanding effort and ability in Honors Algebra 2.  Matt is a freshman in Honors Algebra 2 and he always puts forth the greatest amount of effort, participates actively in class,  and excels on the assessments in that class.  He is always willing to help others and willing to work hard to succeed.  Congratulations Cadet Gamble! Sophomore: Cadet Sara Robinson has been nominated by Ms. Carson for her high average in World Literature and her leadership skills on the DMA Dance Team.  Ms. Carson says that Sara has one of the kindest hearts and most positive attitude she has ever seen.  Other cadets admire her optimism, work ethic, sense of humor, and humility.  Congratulations Cadet Robinson! Junior: Cadet Tyler Matthews has been nominated by Dr. Mark Segall for embodying  discipline and dedication to academic excellence.  Her motivation, maturity, and attitude are exemplary and she never ceases to take advantage of every opportunity to excel.  Congratulations Cadet Matthews! Senior: Cadet Michelle Conlin has been nominated by Mr. Mike Prettyman for being an example of how hard work and determination breed success.  Cadet Conlin is a class leader in AP Literature and Composition and volunteers to help in any way she can.  She is highly motivated and always has a positive attitude.  Congratulations Cadet Conlin!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for November!
Freshmen: Cadet Jacob Hudson has been nominated by Mrs. Dick for his positive attitude and hard work in class.  He is persistent, motivated and a pleasure to teach.  Congratulations Cadet Hudson! Sophomore: Cadet Cody Barnett has been nominated by Mr. Caskey for his achievement in Historical Economics.  He currently holds an average of 99% and, statistically speaking, has little room for improvement.  He has a tremendous work ethic and pursues learning with vigor.  Congratulations Cadet Barnett! Junior: Cadet Charles Balback has been nominated by Mrs. Bradley for his leadership and excellence in American Literature.  He is always focused and gives 100%, coming to each class with initiative and drive.  Congratulations Cadet Balback! Senior: Adrienne Fraczkowski has been nominated by Mr. Prettyman for her consistent demonstration of creativity, hard work, and leadership in AP Literature.  She is a force to be reckoned with setting out to achieve whatever task is before her.  Congratulations Cadet Fraczkowski!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for December!
Freshmen: Cadet Hannah Garbowski has been nominated by Commandant Pullella for her outstanding leadership, success, and determination on and off the basketball court.  Hannah was awarded the Dan Monigle award for believing in herself and inspiring her teammates. Congratulations Cadet Garbowski! Sophomore: Cadet Taylor Garbowski has also been nominated by Commandant Pullella for her positive attitude and spirit.  Taylor was recently awarded the Andrew McDonough B+ award for showing respect and sportsmanship on and off the basketball court.  Congratulations Cadet Garbowski! Junior: Cadet Kyle Weston has been nominated by Senior Chief McClain for being a multi-talented and impressive Cadet athlete and leader.  He is deeply committed to the objectives of DMA and is an impressive ambassador for DMA on and off campus.  Congratulations Cadet Weston! Senior: Cadet Mark Larue has been nominated by Mr. Prettyman for being a hardworking, highly-motivated learner who demonstrates leadership and responsibility every class.  His writing ability and analytical skills are highly commendable and serve as a positive example for all of his classmates.  Congratulations Cadet Larue!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for September!
Freshmen: Cadet Ava Rice has been nominated by Ms. Fabian.  Cadet Rice is an excellent Cadet in Ms. Fabian's 11th grade math class and has an A+ average in that class.  She is hard working and conscientious  and sets a good example.  Congratulations! Sophomore: Cadet Janice Scott has been nominated by Mr. Caskey for her exemplary performance in Honors Historical Economics.  In addition to two superior test scores, she also wrote and performed an excellent rap about the free enterprise system in the US.  She is truly a talented cadet. Congratulations! Junior: Cadet Joseph Czajkowski has been nominated by Commandant Pullella for his outstanding leadership.  He was selected to attend the National Youth Leadership Forum on National Security in Washington DC.  He is a hard worker and involved in many school activities.  Congratulations! Senior: Cadet Anthony Testa has been nominated by Mrs. Novick who said that Anthony is a positive example for the other cadets in his class.  His work ethic is second to none and he is the president of National Honor Society and runs that organization with great commitment and leadership. Congratulations!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for October!
Freshmen: Cadet Jacob Spruill has been nominated by Chief Kegerris for his self-motivation and leadership qualities.  He is the platoon leader for Mike platoon and in is off-time he is also staff sergeant in the Civil Air Patrol.  Congratulations Jacob! Sophomore: Cadet Derek Golembrosky has been nominated by Ms. Carson.  Ms. Carson says that Derek has extremely impressive writing skills and always puts 100% effort into every assignment.  She admires his confidence and preparedness and his leadership skills.  Congratulations Derek! Junior: Cadet Ciara Rice has been nominated by Mrs. Novick for her excellence in AP and Honors level courses.  Mrs. Novick comments that Ciara picks up on the high level material so fast, it seems she already knew it.  Ciara also shows her leadership skills at DMA as Marching Band Color Guard captain where she runs rehearsals and designs choreography.  Congratulations Ciara! Senior: Cadet Sara Reuschling has been nominated by Ms. Kackley for always putting forth her best effort, being conscientious, positive and enthusiastic.  She is a pleasure to have in class.  Congratulations Sara!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for April!
Freshmen: Cadet Tajaii Furrowh has been nominated by Gunny Sgt Lemke for his leadership qualities that he displays both in and out of the classroom and as Platoon Leader for Papa Platoon.  He is the type of leader that fellow cadets look up to and respect for his hard work ethic and unwavering commitment to excellence.  Congratulations Cadet Furrowh! Sophomore: Cadet Brian Hedrick has been nominated by Mrs. Derbyshire for maintaining a straight A average in her Business II class.  He carefully listens to instructions, completes his work on time.  He is well-liked and respected by other cadets and Mrs. Derbyshire has tremendous respect for Cadet Hedrick.  She says that his future is so bright it burns her eyes and it is an honor to be his teacher.  Congratulations Cadet Hedrick! Junior: Cadet Megan Glanz has been nominated by Mrs. Novick for being a hard-working Cadet in AP Calculus AB and one of DMA’s finest athletes.  She has demonstrated outstanding time management by balancing her academic and extracurricular activities.  Over the last few months, Megan has sacrificed valuable practice time with the track team so she could attend weekly math tutoring sessions with Mrs. Novick.  She took it upon herself to make up her runs after tutoring.  Megan’s commitment to academics first and athletics second is an inspiration to all.  Congratulations Cadet Glanz! Senior: Cadet Tucker Ellis has been nominated by Mr. Prettyman for being an outstanding Cadet in Honors British Literature.  He is extremely hard- working, well-prepared, and consistent in his academic pursuits.  Tucker is a pleasure to have in class and his work ethic is a positive testament to his character an example for his classmates.  Congratulations Cadet Ellis!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks of the 2013-2014 YEAR!
Freshmen: Ava Rice Sophomore: Derek Golembrosky Junior: David Carey Senior:  Mark LaRue
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for March!
Freshmen: Cadet Tyler Bolin has been nominated by Mrs. Dick for his positive attitude and his great grades.  Mrs. Dick says that he is such a positive influence on others and he balances sports and academics very well with a smile.  Congratulations Cadet Bolin! Sophomore: Cadet Evan Bennett has been nominated by Mr. Caskey.  Mr. Caskey says that Evan has achieved a 97% in Honors Historical Economics, leaving him little room for improvement for the rest of the year.  Evan consistently excels on exams, and has a tremendous work ethic and a great attitude.  He has a very bright future ahead of him.  Congratulations Cadet Bennett! Junior: Cadet Kathleen Wilson has been nominated by Ms. Kackley who says that she is an extremely diligent and tireless worker who strives to produce quality work in every class.  She also has a knack for keeping some of her classmates in line.  Congratulations Cadet Wilson! Senior: Cadet Zoe Phillips has been nominated by Mrs. Kackley for being earnest, diligent, and sincere.  She always does her absolute best on every assignment and Zoe is a positive force who is an absolute pleasure to have in class. Congratulations Cadet Phillips!
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