DMA is extremely proud of our cadets and their accomplishments.  Here you will find photos featuring our latest event(s), as well as select cadets who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make our school stand out as one of the best!  BRAVO ZULU!
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Shining Seahawk of the Month A new program to recognize cadets who attain high academic achievement and take pride in DMA and in themselves.  Cadets are nominated by faculty members and Naval Science Instructors and chosen by Shining Seahawk Selection Committee.  The factors that are   invloved in nominating and selecting cadets are scholarship, leadership and citizenship. Cadets can only win Shining Seahawk of the Month once during the school year.  At the end of the year, they are eligible for selection as Shining Seahawk of the Year.
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FRESHMAN:  Cadet Andrew Hudson has been nominated by Ms. Calderone for being a tremendous cadet who is extremely hard- working, diligent, and kind.  He has excelled in Business class in the first Marking period with a 95% and is one of only 12 cadets who received an A on the Business Midterm.  Cadet Hudson is a class leader who is always willing to lend a helping hand.  He is a member of DMA’s football team and BPA.  Congratulations to Cadet Hudson for exemplifying scholarship, leadership, and citizenship at DMA! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Anna Stevens has been nominated by Ms. Carson for her enthusiasm and commitment that she brings to school every day.  Anna earned a 96% in Honors World Literature for the First Marking Period.  In class, you can always count on her to add thoughtful ideas and important insight to class discussion.  Not only is she an unbelievable student, but she is well respected by the faculty and adopts a positive outlook on all aspects of life.  Congratulations, Cadet Stevens, for being an asset to DMA as a Shining Seahawk! JUNIOR:  Cadet Brad Bacci has been nominated by Mr. Martin In two years Cadet Bacci has never missed a homework assignment once.  He is polite, respectful, and the cadet who you want your whole class to be.  Cadet Bacci is clearly a Shining Seahawk. SENIOR:  Cadet Jasmine Winslow has been nominated by Mr. Green.  Jasmine is the Vice President of BPA and manages the DMA Breakfast program.  Jasmine has a genuinely positive approach to challenges, innovative ideas, and creative solutions to business problems in class.  Jasmine has a “can do” attitude and the more you ask her to do, the bigger her smile.  She has a strong attention to detail, great organizational skills, and strong leadership ability.  Congratulations Cadet Winslow for truly embodying the values of a Shining Seahawk:  Leadership, Citizenship, and Scholarship!
Bravo Zulu!
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FRESHMAN:  Cadet Colin Green has been nominated by Ms. Fabian for his exemplary scholarship in Honors Algebra 2.  Colin is a freshman in a Sophomore/Junior math class.  He actively participates and has a 98% in the class.  Colin is truly a pleasure to have in class.  CONGRATULATIONS Cadet Green SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Matt Kohan has been nominated by Mr. Lingenfelter.  Matt Kohan shows that his goals are not only important, but a process by which he measures himself on a daily basis. He impresses not only his teachers, but his peers, who have taken notice that he is on a mission. Setting his goals high is commendable, but his work ethic is amazing too.  I am honored to have him as a student, but even more, to hear how everyone speaks so highly of him. He has set his goal to become a Perfect Ten Club member, to be the first ever DMA cadet to score a perfect score on the final, and to leave his mark upon his high school years. He is the cadet who I wish everyone could emulate, a “first class” act, very respectful, hardworking, and a terrific leader. Matt’s footsteps are leaving memories, and will be big ones to follow here at DMA. Thank you, Matt Kohan, for believing and being the very best you can be. JUNIOR:  Cadet Emily Weston has been nominated by Ms. Fabian for her exemplary scholarship in Honors Algebra 2.  Emily has a 99% average in class – she is hard-working, studious, and a pleasure to have in class.  CONGRATULATIONS, Cadet Weston. SENIOR:  Cadet Alphaeus Hansen has been nominated by Mr. Bill Martin for his exemplary leadership and scholarship.  Alphaeus works hard in math and gives up his own time to keep his grade high in math.  He is also a key member of the DMA Football team.  Mr. Martin says he is the kind of cadet you would want a whole class of.  CONGRATULATIONS, Cadet Hansen
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for November!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Kelsi Lussier has been nominated by Ms. Calderone.   Kelsi Lussier exemplifies what DMA wishes to see in all of its freshmen cadets. Not only has Cadet Lussier excelled in the classroom in her early months at DMA, she has also excelled athletically as a member of the Seahawk Cross Country team. Cadet Lussier won the Diamond State Athletic Conference individual championship for cross country also earned All-County and three team All-State accolades. Cadet Lussier has earned straight A's, including midterm exams so far this semester. She works extremely hard in the classroom and on the cross country course while demonstrating the respect, honor, leadership and integrity we want to see from all our DMA cadets. Not only does Cadet Lussier standout among her fellow freshmen cadets, but she stands out as a member of the entire DMA student body. Congratulations Cadet Lussier! SOPHOMORE: Cadet Nick Hertzfeld has been nominated by Mr. Lingenfelter.  Nick Hertzfeld has shown his true abilities in education here at DMA.  He remains in the top percentile of his class, working very hard to maintain the standards and values he set forth when he first came here. During driver education, Nick scored the highest score this year on the driving portion, and was actually flawless in driving, scoring in the top two final grades of all his peers.  He has earned a spot in the driving competition this coming Spring as a representative of the Delaware Military Academy.  Respect is earned and given and giving respect comes second nature to Nick.  I am so proud of him as a cadet, as a student, and as an outstanding person. Nick Hertzfeld, you are what Delaware Military Academy is and what it stands for...thank you for being one of our best. JUNIOR: Cadet Victoria Taylor has been nominated by Ms. Fabian.  Cadet Taylor always has a smile on her face, works hard, and always gives her best.  She even tries to motivate others to do their best.  She never complains and is always on task.  She excelled on the State Champion Volleyball team too.  Cadet Taylor is truly a pleasure to have in class.  Congratulations Cadet Taylor! SENIOR: Cadet Gabrielle Leuze has been nominated by Ms. Kelman.  Gabby is in my piano fundamentals course first block. She always has a big smile on her face first thing in the morning. She never whines, or disrespects her work in my class. Gabby is an absolute joy to have in class. Her original piano composition for their midterm was one of the best in the entire class. Gabby always works hard to make sure she is understanding the material, and applies that to the rest of her academic subjects. I will be sad to not have Gabby next semester, but she is one of the kindest cadets I’ve had the privilege of teaching at DMA!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for February
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Quinn Annable has been nominated by Mrs. Dick and Ms. Calderone.   Both teachers say Quinn might be one of the nicest DMA cadets ever. There are several things that stand out about him: his intelligence, his kindness, his easy-go-lucky way about everything. He's a hard worker; he gives 100% at every thing he does. He also has a great personality. He's sets a great example for anyone in his presence. I really enjoy having Quinn in class; he truly is an awesome cadet.  Congratulations Cadet Annable! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Henry Mah has been nominated by Ms. Fabian. He is extremely bright, so much so that there is no room for improvement with a 101 average in Honors Algebra 2.  He is polite, kind, and a positive role model.  He truly exemplifies the qualities of citizenship, leadership and scholarship at DMA.  Congratulations Cadet Mah!  JUNIOR:  Cadet Marcus Brooks has been nominated by Mr. Lingenfelter for his academics and leadership. Marcus was ask to take on a role no other in driver education was ever asked to do. Without hesitation, he volunteered to help another student, when no one else would. I am extremely proud that he not only took on this assigned role, but did it with the utmost respect and success. Marcus Brooks, you are a true DMA cadet with honor, leadership, and admiration. Thank you for stepping up to the challenge and showing us all the true leader you are. SENIOR:  Cadet Alex Cross has been nominated by Ms. Carson Alex currently has a 99% in the English elective, Studies in Drama.  He always volunteers to read and he brings life to the class.  Alex is always on task, never complains, and demonstrates a high level of understanding on all assignments.  I know Alex will impress his college professors with his work ethic, outstanding ability, and enthusiasm.  Congratulations Cadet Cross!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for January!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Bartek Zarzecki has been nominated by Mrs. Dick.   Cadet Bartek is a pleasure to have in class.  He is kind to others and he sets a good example for his peers.  He is hard-working and has a 97% in English so far this marking period.  Mrs. Dick is happy to nominate Cadet Zarzecki without reservation as Freshman Shining Seahawk!  Congratulations Cadet Zarzecki! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Russell Smith has been nominated by Mr. Caskey for his performance in Honors Historical Economics.  Like Fedex or UPS, Smith has been delivering the goods all semester long, and he brings the complete package.    He exhibits what Mr. Caskey calls the "5E" package: Excellent: Russell achieved a 96% Final Course average in Honors Historical Economics, and had very little room for improvement.  Exempt: Russell was the only cadet exempt from the Honors Historical Economics Final Exam.  Expert: Everyone wants Economics help from Russell, but there is only one Russell, illustrating the concept of scarcity, and he also completed an excellent project on Canada. Eager: Russell's arm shot up so much to answer questions in class, that he had to enter shoulder rehab at the semester's end. Eloquent: Russell's vocabulary is unmatched among his peers. Great job Russell, keep up the terrific work! JUNIOR:  Cadet Brennan Hazewski has been nominated by Mr. Young.  Cadet Hazewski always  pushes himself physically and mentally inside and outside of the classroom.  He is a good teammate – he looks out for other students and works towards a team goal.  He is also a good leader and he inhabits the DMA core characteristics of citizenship, leadership, and scholarship every time he comes to class.  Cadet Hazewski is truly a Shining Seahawk.  Congratulations Cadet Brennan Hazewski! SENIOR:  Cadet Morgan Harvie has been nominated by Gunner Bahr.  Cadet Harvie is a definite leader within the DMA community.  She displays a genuine desire to excel everyday that she comes to school.  As the Regimental Public Affairs Officer, her main job is to pass on the everyday happenings to the cadets and faculty at DMA and she has become the VOICE of the NATION.  She has an infectious, happy personality and I am excited to nominate her for the Senior Shining Seahawk for the month of January.  Congratulations Cadet Harvie!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for March
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Kayla McOwen has been nominated by Mrs. Dick.   In addition to maintaining an A average, Cadet McOwen is kind and friendly and always has a smile on her face.  She has a positive attitude and a winning spirit.  She is a great role model and is exactly what one would expect from a true Shining Seahawk.  Congratulations Cadet McOwen! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Marc Arocho has been nominated by Gunner Bahr.   Cadet Arocho is a sophomore and has progressed to the rank of Chief Petty Officer. He is an extremely humble young man, however he is very driven.  Cadet Arocho is an integral part of the units Drill Team. He makes it his business to assist and train younger cadets. He is constantly thinking and attempting to improve the NJROTC program. Never affected by peer pressure, Cadet Arocho always sets the example for his fellow cadets by following all the rules in and out of school. This young man is a true example of a positive role model for the Delaware Military Academy.  Congratulations Cadet Arocho!  JUNIOR:  Cadet Kelly Blake has been nominated by Ms. Fabian.   Kelly is outstanding academically in Honors Algebra 2 and balances her academic excellence with her prowess on the swim team.  Kelly was the state champion in the 50 Freestyle.  She placed 3rd in the 100 butterfly solidifying her spot on the 1st team All State.  This is Kelly’s 3rd straight year earning 1st team All-State Honors.  She is hard-working, well-prepared, and consistent in all of her pursuits.  Kelly is a pleasure to have in class and her work ethic is a positive testament to her character and an example for her classmates.  Congratulations Cadet Blake! SENIOR:  Cadet Kylie Jones has been nominated by Ms. Aunet and Master Chief Call.  Cadet Lieutenant Kylie Jones is an awesome young lady in every way and serves as an ideal example of how a cadet should perform.  She is a model ambassador for DMA and a true team-player with a can-do attitude regardless of the task or level of challenge involved.  She is rock solid academically as evidenced by her 4.1 GPA and is committed to excellence in every pursuit.  Her “no mission is too difficult” attitude is most noteworthy and serves as a great example for her peers.  Kylie shows consistent outstanding performance, dedication, and commitment to DMA and the NJROTC program.  Congratulations Cadet Jones!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for April
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Christian Ferguson has been nominated by Mrs. Pisani.  Christian is a prime example of what a DMA cadet should be: honorable, respectful, and hard-working. On a daily basis, Christian demonstrates determination and hard work. He goes above and beyond to make sure that he understands each concept that is presented to him; even if it means staying after school and seeking help during study hall. In addition to advocating for himself, Christian will also take the time to help his peers and to motivate them to work hard in math class. Christian helps to set the tone in the classroom that puts academics first.  Not a day goes by without a "Thank you Mrs. Pisani. Have a great day!" concluding my second block class.   Christian's polite and respectful demeanor makes me look forward to teaching his class every day. Christian Ferguson is a cadet who embodies the DMA core values of scholarship, leadership, and citizenship. It is cadets like Christian Ferguson that remind me why I became a teacher. Hats off to him!    CONGRATULATIONS Cadet Ferguson SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Lauren Freebery has been nominated by Mr. Lingenfelter.  Lauren Freebery is one of those cadets that keeps DMA’s reputation at its finest. Her outstanding GPA is currently at a 4.1, her attitude not only shines bright, but it’s contagious, her willingness to learn has been proven time and time again. She is a master driver in the perfect ten club and currently has a chance to set the highest marking period grade ever. Lauren is the perfect cadet to receive this month’s Shining Seahawk award. I am so proud she has reach a plateau that only a few have ever reached in the 10th grade level. Oohrah and Congratulations Cadet Freebery! JUNIOR:  Cadet Gabriel Torres has been nominated by Gunner Bahr .  Cadet Torres is a Junior and has already progressed to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. He is an extremely humble young man, however he is very driven. Cadet Torres is an integral part of the unit as the Drill Team Commander. He makes it his business to assist and train younger cadets. He is constantly thinking and attempting to improve the NJROTC program. Never affected by peer pressure, Cadet Torres always sets the example for his fellow cadets by following all the rules in and out of school. This young man is a true example of a positive role model for the Delaware Military Academy.  CONGRATULATIONS, Cadet Torres. SENIOR:  Cadet Nicholas Riccio has been nominated by the Commandant.  Congratulations, Cadet Ricchio for your leadership in taking the peer mentoring program to another level by collaborating with Staff and fellow classmates.  Your genuine care and concern of fellow cadets is absolutely admirable and exemplifies what we work to instill in each of our cadets.  Your compassion to help others will serve you well, and your maturity far exceeds a typical 18 year old (heck it far exceeds mine!)… We all wish you well in your future endeavors, but with your work ethic, family support and drive to succeed I can’t imagine anything less for you! Once again, congratulations on a wonderful 4 years at DMA.  All the best!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for December
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Emmanuel Figueroa has been nominated by Ms. Berlant.  You can't miss his booming voice as he commands his platoon to march every Thursday morning, but what a teacher can't miss is his exceptional level of respect, determination and focus.  Having Cadet Figueroa in my classroom is more than welcome every morning. He comes in, shares his friendliness with everyone around him, and buckles down and gets to work - that is, unless he has a podium-worthy academically- related story to share with the class. He displays leadership both in and out of the classroom and is a model DMA cadet. By setting the bar at an exceptional level, all the while providing us with comic relief, he will serve us incredibly well as DMA's Freshman Shining Seahawk. SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Jennifer Baez has been nominated by Mr. Lingenfelter.  Jennifer Baez began Driver's Ed not too sure of herself behind the wheel. With extra help from home and some inspiration, she has become the strongest candidate for most improved driver - an award so deserving. I am honored to have had her, glad to have inspired her and am so proud to have become one of her teachers. JUNIOR:  Cadet Brittany Banks has been nominated by Ms. Fabian.  Cadet Banks was a pleasure to have in class.  She always worked hard, took notes, and asked good questions.  She stayed after if she needed extra help, but made sure to always do her best.  She always gave 100%  and even tried to motivate others to do their best.  She never complained and was always on task.  Cadet Banks is truly a Shining Seahawk.  Congratulations Cadet Banks! SENIOR:  Cadet Brandon Bolinsky has been nominated by Mrs. Enderica and Mrs. White.  Brandon is a very determined and mature young man who is always willing to help and is very dedicated to the DMA community. He was nominated by both teachers because he did a phenomenal job representing the Spanish Department at the Open House, and never hesitates to give a helping hand. Congratulations Cadet Bolinsky!
Bravo Zulu!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks of the 2015-2016 YEAR!
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