Shining Seahawks!
DMA is extremely proud of our cadets and their accomplishments.  Here you will find photos featuring our latest event(s), as well as select cadets who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make our school stand out as one of the best!  BRAVO ZULU!
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Shining Seahawk of the Month A new program to recognize cadets who attain high academic achievement and take pride in DMA and in themselves.  Cadets are nominated by faculty members and Naval Science Instructors and chosen by Shining Seahawk Selection Committee.  The factors that are   invloved in nominating and selecting cadets are scholarship, leadership and citizenship. Cadets can only win Shining Seahawk of the Month once during the school year.  At the end of the year, they are eligible for selection as Shining Seahawk of the Year.
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FRESHMAN:  Cadet Ashley Ludlum has been nominated by Mrs. Dick  Cadet Ludlum is a perfect example of a DMA shining Seahawk. She is a conscientious young lady who is always willing to go the extra mile in anything she does. Her positive attitude is contagious, and she's a leader among her peers. She currently holds an A in English, and as you know, that's nothing to shake a stick at. I'm happy to nominate Cadet Ashley Ludlum for September's Shining Seahawk of the Month. Congratulations! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Ethan Morrow has been nominated by Ms. Limmina to represent the Sophomore Class for Shining Seahawk for the month of September. Cadet Morrow has shown his dedication to his studies even throughout this past summer. In order to prepare for Geometry, Cadet Morrow took it upon himself to enroll in outside math tutoring every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday throughout the summer. Cadet Morrow is one of few cadets that take time from his summer vacation to consistently work on his math skills for the following school year. Cadet Morrow’s hard work throughout the summer has paid off as with most lessons covered so far, he already has a great head start. Because of this, he is often helping others around him with a new lesson. Cadet Morrow is deserving of the Shining Seahawk of the Month for his dedication to his academics and willingness to help others. Thank you Cadet Morrow for your hard work and dedication and continue to be a great example of a Shining Seahawk.  Congratulations! JUNIOR:  Cadet Alaina Gedney has been nominated by Mr. Townsend.  Cadet Gedney has had nothing short of a phenomenal contribution to the Algebra 2 classroom this year. Her dedication to completing her homework assignments, her commitment to asking questions regarding content she is still unsure of, and her determination to tackle the most challenging problems explains why she was the only Algebra 2 student, at any level, during the month of September to obtain perfect scores on both quizzes. Alaina gives new meaning to the expression “giving it 110%”, because with extra credit she currently has a 110% in the course. But Alaina is also dedicated to serving others in the class. She has no problem moving about the room to help other cadets in need without even being asked, and this in turn has increased confidence and competency in those around her. Though she herself may deny or disbelieve it until the end, Cadet Alain Gedney is truly deserving of Shining Seahawk recognition. Congratulations! SENIOR:  Cadet Miranda Cushing has been nominated by Ms. Aunet.  Cadet Cushing earned the highest score on our first test in CP World History, a perfect 100%. In class she frequently participates in discussion and always comes in with a smile on her face and a friendly greeting. Keep up the good work, Cadet Cushing!
Bravo Zulu!
SHINING SEAHAWKS 2017-18 Shining Seahawks for October!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Karissa Malascalza has been nominated by Mrs. Dick.  Karissa might be the kindest, friendliest, nicest 9th grade cadet. She's not just amicable, she shows outstanding leadership qualities and she's wicked smart. She works diligently to maintain an A in English. She also encourages others to do their best, to achieve success which isn't a quality you see in every freshman cadet. She's a pleasure to have in class, and I'm honored to nominate her for the October Shining Seahawk. SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Maddie Kuennen has been nominated by Mrs. Wolfe.  Maddie is an absolute pleasure to have in sixth block Business Information Technology course. She currently owns an impressive 99%. Maddie comes to class each day with a huge smile on her face and is eager to learn. She actively participates in class discussions and always strives to do her very best. She is dedicated, determined and possess a tremendous work ethic. She takes pride in herself and the great reputation she has at DMA. Maddie is the first person to lend a helping hand and truly enjoys helping others. Not only does Maddie excel academically, she excels athletically as well. On September 14, Maddie was named the Delaware Online Athlete of the Week for her performance at the Lake Forest Invitational. At the Lake Forest Invitational, Maddie finished the race in 20:32.2, the fastest time by a Delaware girls runner. Maddie, you are a great role model and leader, and I look forward to watching your continued success at DMA and beyond. JUNIOR:  The Commandant has nominated Cadet Austin Edmonds for Junior Shining Seahawk.  Austin continually exemplifies the core traits and characteristics of a DMA cadet.  Austin is a hard worker in the classroom, well mannered, respected by his peers and teachers, and most certainly brings the wood out on to the football field.  His personality is infectious and he is a pleasure to be around.  Austin is someone you want to work harder for, because he gives you so much in return.   More than all though Austin is someone who can be counted on to do the right thing when no one is watching.  Austin, continue to be the well-rounded young man you are and you will see that good luck doesn’t happen rather you create it. SENIOR:  Senior Cadet Matthew Carpenter has been nominated by Ms. Aunet for being a true pleasure to have in class. I am fortunate to teach this cadet in both my Block 3 Contemporary Political Issues elective and Block 6 Honors World History course. He excels academically in both classes, even earning the top grade on both our second and third tests in Honors World History and does consistently well when we play Kahoot for review. Additionally, he is very skilled at drawing Viking longships! He reliably participates in class discussion and always seems to be aware and informed about the latest current events happening around the world. He always has a friendly greeting when I see him and is polite and respectful of both teachers and his peers. Keep up the great work Cadet Carpenter!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for November!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Caroline Graham has been nominated by Mrs. Short.  In addition to maintaining an A average, Cadet Graham is kind, friendly, and always willing to help her fellow cadets and staff members. She has a hard working, positive attitude. Cadet Graham is eager to volunteer answers to questions in class. She is a great role model and truly exemplifies the qualities of citizenship, leadership and scholarship at DMA. Congratulations! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Emilee Brooks has been nominated by Senior Chief McClain.  Cadet Emilee Brooks is a remarkable cadet who goes the extra mile. She is deeply committed to the objectives of the Delaware Military Academy and sets an outstanding example for other cadets. Emilee does her very best to exceed expectations in everything she does. She sets high personal standards and approaches all challenges with persistence and enthusiasm. Her daily uniform and grooming appearance rivals the very best of any JROTC cadet you meet. Cadet Brooks is a high honors student who maintains a 4.29 GPA. Her grade in Naval Science is A+, with a perfect 100 average for the year to date. Congratulations! JUNIOR:  Cadet Hanna Gross has been nominated by Mr. Grant for Junior Shining Seahawk.  As a member of the marching band, Hanna acts as the morale leader and has done a great job keeping spirits high.  She was the only saxophone player this season and did a fantastic job holding up her part and staying enthusiastic.  She has great input for improving the music program and is the type of cadet who doesn’t hesitate when asked to lend a hand.  She has an infectious positive attitude and always demonstrates respect.  She deserves to be recognized for her unwavering character and for her hard work and dedication.  Congratulations! SENIOR:  Senior Cadet Sheldon Amofah has been nominated by Ms. Aunet.  If you had to describe Cadet Amofah in one word it would be consistent. He can be counted on to consistently have his hand raised to answer any question posed in class or to volunteer to add to a class discussion. He is consistent in scoring high grades on assessments. He has scored a perfect 100% on all of the tests and current events quizzes in Contemporary Political Issues so far this year, and earned the top grade on the all-essay Dual Enrollment World History midterm exam. He is consistently polite and affable towards his teachers and peers. Outside of the classroom, this consistency remains. He is consistent in his involvement in the DMA family, as a valued member of the soccer team and one of the Supply Officers for the Regimental Staff. Keep up the great work, Cadet Amofah! I am consistently glad to have you as a cadet in my classroom.
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for December!
Bravo Zulu!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Joshua Broomell has been nominated by Mrs. Harkey.  Cadet Joshua Broomell is a leader with an exceptional work ethic. As a member of the DMA Concert Choir, Cadet Broomell comes to class with a great attitude and willingness to work. He is focused during rehearsals and is always eager to help in any way that benefits the group. He takes personal responsibility for knowing his material and has scored among the highest in the choir during the Part Check. Cadet Broomell never draws attention to himself and is willing to help out with the mundane and necessary tasks that make an organization run smoothly. He never seeks attention, but is worthy of being recognized for the way he leads by example and for the character qualities he has demonstrated. SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Michaela Charno has been nominated by Mr. Lingenfelter.  Michaela Charno lives by being the best and continues to show the DMA qualities we seek. There hasn't been a day in this marking period that she hasn't displayed her abilities and desire to strive for the mountain top. I am beyond honered because cadets like Michaela come around only once in a while. She was the recipient of the “Perfect Ten Club” this semester in Driver Education. She works very hard and it shows in her work ethic, her classes, and her life too. She also has a chance to set the highest academic grade ever recorded in Driver’s Ed class at DMA. But the most rewarding attribute is her ability to smile and take everything in stride, the true sign of a champion. Michaela leads by example, lives with integrity, and shines with confidence…Congratulations! JUNIOR:  Cadet Jacqueline Means has been nominated by the Commandant for her outstanding commitment to community service.  Jackie was recently featured in TownSquare Delaware for her work with the children at a Southbridge elementary school.  Cadet Means organized a toy drive for the children for Christmas and also stepped in to teach them STEM science experiments. Two years ago Means founded her own nonprofit organization, Wilmington Urban STEM Initiative, which allowed her to fundraise to support her own traveling science class. She specifically works with kids at community centers and elementary schools in the Southbridge neighborhood and visits them every month to work on STEM initiatives in the classroom there.  Congratulations and keep up the great work, Cadet Means SENIOR:  Senior Cadet Samantha Freeland has been nominated by MC Call.  Samantha is an accomplished and goal-oriented young lady who personifies our core values of honor, courage, and commitment.  She is a model ambassador for DMA and demonstrates a true team-player approach coupled with a can-do attitude regardless of the task or challenge involved.  Samantha is rock solid academically as evidenced by her 3.8 GPA and committed to excellence in all she does.  She serves as our 2nd Company Awards Officer and her work in that area is extremely commendable.  Her “no task too difficult” attitude is worthy of emulation and serves as a great example for her peers and underclassmen.  Outstanding performance, dedication, and commitment to DMA and the NJROTC program in all areas best describe this Shining Seahawk.  Congratulations Ensign Freeland and keep up the good work!
Shining Seahawks for January!
Bravo Zulu!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Maxie Mathews has been nominated by Senior Chief McClain.  Her energy and enthusiasm epitomizes the true meaning of school spirit!  Cadet Mathews displays many leadership traits:  As assistant platoon leader in her Naval Science class, she can be relied upon to accomplish any task in a timely and organized manner. She happily volunteers to work in the galley every Monday through Thursday, serving lunch to the hungry upperclassmen. Realizing her leadership talents, the Drill Team Instructor appointed Maxie to the position of Commander for the Freshman Drill Squad, a position in which she has excelled. She is also a member of the Cheerleading Squad and the band’s color guard and still finds time to participate in the Chorus. When asked how she maintains such a full schedule, Maxie stated that she does not give it a second thought since she enjoys every minute of what she does on behalf of the school.  Cadet Mathews is highly deserving of the Shining Seahawk award for January, 2019.  Congratulations Cadet Mathews SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Alyssa Ruggeri has been nominated by Chief Craig to represent the Sophomore Class as the Shining Seahawk for the month of January. Alyssa is a dedicated, determined and goal oriented cadet who personifies our core values of honor, courage and commitment. She serves in the NJROTC program as the Supply Petty Officer for Hotel Platoon where she excels at every task assigned and always delivers the desired product on time, or ahead of schedule. Her can-do attitude and commitment to excellence is most noteworthy along with her team player approach… regardless of the order or challenge involved. Cadet Ruggeri excels academically as evidenced by her 3.5 GPA and her “no task too difficult” attitude serves as a great example for all. Congratulations Alyssa and thank you for all your hard work and dedication… those character traits will serve you well going forward. You are an outstanding ambassador for DMA and a superb example of a “Shining Seahawk!” JUNIOR:  Cadet Barbara Procope has been nominated by Ms. Fabian to represent the Junior Class as the Shining Seahawk for the month of January. Barbara is a true Shining Seahawk as demonstrated by her academics as well as her outlook and attitude.  She is first in her junior class with an outstanding GPA, she always has a “can-do” attitude and works hard to maintain her high grades.  Barbara does all this with a smile on her face and a helpful and encouraging word for her classmates.  She is a pleasure to have in class and I believe will have great success in life.  Congratulations Cadet Procope! SENIOR:  Senior Cadet Robert Carpenter has been nominated by Mrs. Faccenda. Robert Carpenter personifies all Three Ships of DMA - Scholarship, Leadership,and Citizenship. He showed his Scholarship ability, diligence, and adaptability in Honors British Literature. Robert embraced the honors-level curriculum, completing his work with an extremely high level of interest and excellence - ending the semester with an A and testing out of the final. He also warmed his English teacher's heart by having his nose in a book - always a military book - during any and every minute of down time. As for leadership, Robert has shown it in class every day by starting class discussions, demonstrating a quest for knowledge and love of learning,  and helping fellow cadets understand, appreciate, and tackle content material. Finally, Robert shows his outstanding citizenship each and every day by volunteering to help other cadets, the administration, teachers, and the greater good. Additionally, Robert appreciates the opportunity DMA is offering him to help reach his ultimate goal of becoming an Army Ranger. Robert has been preparing for that challenging role nearly his whole life. I have no doubt that, in that role, Robert Carpenter will shine, not only as a former DMA Seahawk, but as a model citizen of the United States of America.
Shining Seahawks Shining Seahawks