DMA is extremely proud of our cadets and their accomplishments.  Here you will find photos featuring our latest event(s), as well as select cadets who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make our school stand out as one of the best!  BRAVO ZULU!
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Shining Seahawk of the Month A new program to recognize cadets who attain high academic achievement and take pride in DMA and in themselves.  Cadets are nominated by faculty members and Naval Science Instructors and chosen by Shining Seahawk Selection Committee.  The factors that are   invloved in nominating and selecting cadets are scholarship, leadership and citizenship. Cadets can only win Shining Seahawk of the Month once during the school year.  At the end of the year, they are eligible for selection as Shining Seahawk of the Year.
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FRESHMAN:  Cadet Thomas McAdoo has been nominated by Mrs. Rosaio for being a conscientious and patient student. He is reflective and observant. He offers assistance without being asked, he is intuitive, and knows when to help a struggling classmate without pretending to "know" it all.  I nominate Thomas McAdoo for the honor of being named Shining Seahawk of the month for the notable impression he has given me after only a few short months of school.  Congratulations Cadet McAdoo! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Jacqueline Means has been nominated by Senior Chief Williams for being the epitome of leadership, scholarship, and citizenship. As  Platoon Leader,  she  is a passionate leader with a strong determination to lead and help others. She is extremely competitive amongst her peers with a most impressive GPA of 3.25. She is very inquisitive and always looking for better ways to improve not only herself, but others around her.  Congratulations Cadet Means! JUNIOR:  Cadet/Ensign Gavin Lewis has been nominated by Chief Craig.  Gavin is a dedicated, determined and goal oriented cadet who personifies our core values of honor, courage and commitment. His can-do attitude and commitment to excellence is most noteworthy along with his team player approach… regardless of the order or challenge involved. Congratulations Gavin and thank you for all your hard work and dedication… those character traits will serve you well going forward. You are an outstanding ambassador for DMA and a superb example of a “Shining Seahawk!” SENIOR:  Cadet Ali Novotny has been nominated by Mrs. Urquhart.  Ali Novotny epitomizes what it means to be a Shining Seahawk. As a student, she excels in her academics, and as a cadet-athlete, she is a leader on and off the court. But, this is not why Ali has been nominated for this honor. What sets Ali apart and the reason for this nomination are her compassion and kindness. Ali has the ability to make all those around her feel welcome and included at all times. She genuinely cares about her fellow cadets, and sets the example on campus for all others. Ali has made a big impression on the lives that she has touched through the Big-Little Program, Volleyball, and more. She goes out of her way for others and is truly a blessing to so many. I am very grateful to have gotten to know Ali over the past year. Congratulations Cadet Novotony!
Shining Seahawks for September!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Jaelyn Valentin has been nominated by Senior Chief McClain for exemplifying the three “ships” of DMA. She is always eager to assist the Naval Science department, while going above and beyond in assisting other cadets.  Cadet Valentin completed over 99 hours of community service over the summer, mostly at the VA hospital helping our veterans.   She wears her uniform with pride and is a highly motivated cadet and talented young lady who is wholeheartedly committed to the objectives at DMA.  Congratulations Cadet Valentin! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Nathan Gearing has been nominated by Mr. Lingenfelter.  Nate has set his goal high, because being in the norm, just doesn't cut it. Working hard is a commitment that Nate has continued into his sophomore year. Leading his entire class this semester in driver education, Nate has consistently pushed himself to achieve excellence in all his classes. Nate is one of those leaders whose actions have spoken volumes. I nominated this fine young leader because he is what DMA consistently looks for year after year in all their cadets. I am proud to have crossed paths along his journey and will be excited to see his outcome here at DMA. Academics - check, Leadership - check, self esteem and discipline - check, self control - mastered. Great job Cadet Gearing! JUNIOR:  Cadet Erin Naughton has been nominated by Ms. Fabian for her dedication, hard work, and commitment to her education.   Erin works hard by always going beyond what is required to make sure she fully comprehends the concepts. She is focused on her work and determined to do her very best in everything she does. Erin is a good and positive role model and a pleasure to have in class. CONGRATULATIONS, Cadet Naughton. SENIOR:  Cadet Erin Walsh has been nominated by Ms. Aunet.  Cadet Walsh has the distinction of being the only cadet in World History to answer every single multiple choice question correctly on the first test! Through her hard work and determination, she has shown that perfection can be achieved. Her positive attitude and willingness to help out on such occasions as Parent Open House, are additional reasons that she is a true example of a Shining Seahawk. I am sure that Cadet Walsh will continue to excel in her final year at DMA. Congratulations Cadet Walsh!
Shining Seahawks for November!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Brynn Castellani has been nominated by Mrs. Dick for being one of the kindest, sweetest, most hardworking 9th grade cadets. She’s always smiling and willing to help others with anything they might need.  She maintains a super high A in English, and she stands out as one of the best of the best.  Mrs. Dick nominated Brynn not jus for her kind heartedness but also for her effort and perseverance. Congratulations Cadet Castellani! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Zachary Sklodowski has been nominated by Mr. Townsend.   Cadet Sklodowski always has a beaming smile on his face and a friendly presence about him that makes a teacher excited to know him. Additionally, during the month of February Sklodowski was a driving force behind the DMA Seahawks freshmen math and snack league team, helping them to secure enough points to qualify for the state championship meet in April. Sklodowski not only puts math first and snacks second, but he also finished the regular math league season as the first overall scorer in the region, and will be recognized for this at the state meet. Congratulations Cadet Sklodowski! JUNIOR:  Cadet Chris Gray has been nominated by Chief K and Ms. Fabian.  Chris is a dedicated, kind, and committed cadet.  He excels at math and shows his excellence in his attention to detail in working through math problems.  He is friendly and helpful to all cadets and does anything that’s asked of him.  He does not hesitate to explain or help a fellow cadet and will work hard at any task assigned to him.  Congratulations Chris,  and thank you for all your hard work and dedication… You are truly a worthy example of a “Shining Seahawk!” SENIOR:  Cadet Jonathan Golebiowski has been nominated by Commandant Pullella.  Jonathan is a dedicated, determined, and goal-oriented young man who demonstrates complete commitment to DMA … on a daily basis! His positive school spirit and patriotism is most noteworthy and can be witnessed at virtually every athletic contest where he leads the cheering section. Congratulations and thank you Jonathan for all that you do for our school… your pride and school spirit is remarkable and contagious.  Keep smiling, stay positive, and know that DMA is a better place because of cadets like you! Congratulations Cadet Golebiowski!
Shining Seahawks for December!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Isadora Reichner has been nominated by Mrs. Urquhart.   Isadora is the type of cadet for which DMA was built. She is hard-working, respectful, kind, energetic, and so much more. Izzy comes to school each day with an eagerness to learn and thrive, and with a positive outlook that is truly her own. Whether it is in class or on the Volleyball court, Izzy gives her all. No matter the challenge, Izzy faces it head on, works through it, and has a smile on her face all-the-while.  She is one of the most determined cadets I know, and truly a worthy recipient of the honor- Shining Seahawk. SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Samantha Bennett has been nominated by Mr. Lingenfelter.   Cadet Samantha Bennett has worked very hard to become a good, responsible, and well balanced citizen. The one thing that stands out is her determined and positive personality; she has an unstoppable desire to be her best. Samantha has put forth a learning style here at DMA that could be contagious, if others would choose to follow her path. I am so proud to see that her integrity and discipline has guided her to becoming one of DMA's finest. Being chosen Seahawk of the Month has added strength to her wings that will help her soar to greater achievements. Congratulations Samantha Bennett! JUNIOR:  Cadet Seth Immediato has been nominated by Ms. Fabian.  Seth excels at math and shows his excellence in his determination and hard work.  After Seth broke his leg he had quite a bit of school work to make up.  He came after school, even when he had to rely on friends for rides, and made up every bit of work, even taking the Midterm Exam, all while keeping up with the current class work.  Seth did all this and did well enough to be exempt from the Final, earning straight A’s.  He is friendly and helpful to all cadets and does anything that’s asked of him.  He does not hesitate to explain or help a fellow cadet.  Congratulations Seth,  and thank you for all your hard work and dedication! SENIOR:  Cadet Nicholas Graham has been nominated by Ms. Calderone.  Nick Graham demonstrates what DMA wishes to see in all of its cadets; respect, hard work and kindness. Nick is one of the most determined and hardworking cadets I have had the pleasure of teaching during my time at DMA. His hard work and determination paid off during the month of December when he received Senator Coons' Principal Nomination to the U.S. Naval Academy. Nick's hard work is evident inside and outside the classroom. Nick also excels as a member of the DMA basketball team. Cadet Graham is an all around fantastic cadet and person. The sky is truly the limit for you, Nick. I, along with the entire staff at DMA, cannot wait to watch you succeed in your future. Bravo Zulu, Cadet Graham!
Bravo Zulu!
Bravo Zulu!
Bravo Zulu!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for January!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Tavi’on Hart has been nominated by Mr. Myers.   Tavi'on posesses all of the qualities of a Shining Seahawk. He is an intelligent, respectful, and caring young man with many talents. He consistently demonstrates these qualities when around his peers, and in doing so he leads by example. One of the most recognizable characteristics of Tavi'on is how responsible he is for his young age. As a freshman, he does not seem to be phased by the workload of adjusting to a high school curriculum. If he is absent from school, he takes responsibility to meet with his teachers to receive missing work. He meets every challenge with an open mind and a positive attitude. In the classroom, he strives to understand new concepts, and he helps those around him when they are confused. Tavi'on never asks for credit or recognition for his good deeds. He merely does what he believes must be done. Many cadets at DMA meet Tavi'on every single day without even realizing it. Between blocks 4 and 5, you can always find him holding the door to FH for those around him. He does not only wait for one or two cadets to enter the building. He holds the door for everybody, every time. He does not close the door until every single cadet before him has passed. There is no doubt in my mind that Tavi'on Hart is one of the finest and most well-rounded cadets at Delaware Military Academy. It is an honor and a privilege to know and work with this fine young gentleman. SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Reilly Enos has been nominated by Ms. Berlant for the exceptional first impression she made during the first two weeks of this second semester. While I met Reilly as a freshman last year during our time spent together in choir, I was introduced to Reilly's academics for the first time this semester. It is clear to me that Reilly strives to be the best person and student that she can be every day. Reilly comes to class every day ready to learn with a friendly greeting and a smile on her face. She is ready to help others at all times and is always attentive to classroom instruction. Reilly's outstanding grades demonstrate her hunger for learning and attention to detail. Reilly takes any task at hand, including great challenges, and faces them head on, refusing to settle for less than the best. As I have only spent just over two weeks with Reilly in the classroom, I am already eager to see her continue to excel and bring positivity and enthusiasm to the classroom. Thank you, Reilly, for being a role model student for all! JUNIOR:  Cadet Sheldon Amofah has been nominated by Ms. Bradley.  It is a true pleasure to have Cadet Amofah in Honors American Literature class for the full year because he is the type of cadet that energizes me to keep doing what I do. He comes into the classroom every single day with a positive attitude, an enthusiasm to learn, and a determination to do his best. When I ask a question and the class goes silent, Cadet Amofah will raise his hand with the answer or be willing to venture a possibility. And his responses, whether in discussion or in written form, always display an open and critical mind. He is also the the cadet who doesn't hesitate to stick around the extra minute to clean up after others, and never leaves the room without a "have a nice day". Cadet Amofah has earned the respect of both the staff and student body as one who leads by example in both character and academics, and I look forward to witnessing his continued success at DMA and beyond. SENIOR:  Cadet Matthew Drejza has been nominated by Ms. Faccenda.  Matthew Drejza is the epitome of a Shining Seahawk. He is a smart, kind, respectful, diligent, and courageous natural leader. I have seen these outstanding traits in Matthew first hand. He walked into our brand new Journalism 101 class not knowing much about the course or its content, and certainly not expecting to be a class leader. The cadet who had agreed to be Editor-In-Chief of our school newspaper - The Scuttlebutt - couldn't fit Journalism into his schedule. There we were, trying to start up a school newspaper with no editor-in-chief. I had barely explained the dilemma to the class on the first day of the school year, when Matthew stepped up and volunteered to assume this very important role. He proceeded to learn all that he had to about article line-ups, reporting, editing, layout, and managing a staff of section editors, reporters and photographers. He led by example, working hard every day to motivate his staff, meet deadlines, and produce a quality product. Matt and his staff have put out two issues of the Scuttlebutt this year already and are closing in on the third. Matthew has maintained the highest levels of excellence, inspiration, and decorum in his role as Editor-In-Chief, while performing consistently on both the football and soccer teams, maximizing his grades, and completing the college application process. Yes, Matthew Drejza is, indeed, a Shining Seahawk; he is one of DMA's very finest. Thank you, Matt.
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for March!
FFRESHMAN:  Cadet Zeke Dichiaro has been nominated by Master Sergeant Howie.  They say that Rome wasn't built in a day, the same can be said for good leaders, and like all anchored buildings, a strong foundation is key to support the weight of any structure. The same is said for Cadet Dichiaro's foundation in leadership; for he is sound in body, able to take the weight of any order and when a storms arises, you can be sure that he can withstand whatever comes his way. Since the first day of Cadet Dichiaro's arrival to school, one could see that this young man is all about business. From the way he presents himself in and out of uniform, to the morals and values that were instilled in him at home, any military leader would be impressed by his poise and sheer determination to accomplish any task. As the Platoon Leader of his unit, his presence sets the stage for all to see, leaving no doubt in his fellow cadets minds, that he is all about making the best of everyone within his charge. Being a team player and leader, that continuously cultivates self-development and growth, while laying the ground work for his future and others, Cadet Dichiaro will blaze a narrow trail towards success that all would want to follow. Your determination, drive and passion are three main ingredients that makes you the good leader that you are and as your Instructor, I am happy to know that you capable to do great things in the future. God Bless and Semper Fi. SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Nicole Elliott has been nominated by Mr. Lingenfelter. Nicole Elliott has shown that tragedy cannot keep one down. Last year Nicole and her family lost their house and everything in it to a fire. It's been over a year now, and she still has not moved back in.  Nicole, an only child, also decided that her grandparents, in their eighties and deteriorating health , needed her. She moved in with them, relying on her parents to tend to the rebuilding of their home. Nicole never shows the weight of the world on her shoulders, she continues to push forward in all that she does. She maintains a 3.7 GPA, is the manager of the DMA Field Hockey Team, and has been the starting 2nd baseman on the DMA Softball Team since her freshman year. She also plays on a traveling softball team. I am amazed at how this 15-year-old takes on all this responsibilty, never complaining, never showing defeat, only working to getting it done day after day. Nicole has given her all, not because she has to, but because she wants to. I can not be prouder of this fine, young lady. She exemplifies the words we live by here at DMA - character, responsibility, individual excellence, integrity. I am so honored to nominate her for this award that defines our best here at DMA. Congrats, Kiddo; stay the course. JUNIOR & SENIOR :  Cadets Owen Brinker and Justin Malone and Senior Cadets TJ Thomas and Daniel Bartel have been nominated by Ms. Aunet. All of four of these cadets stepped up to help Ms. Aunet out in a time of need.  On the Friday morning of annual inspection, Ms. Aunet had a flat tire on her car and it was undriveable.  These four cadets worked together to change her tire, all in full uniform and with their covers on, battling the windy, cold elements of DMA's parking lot, and a tire that refused to budge.  With a much appreciated assist from Mr. Holland, these cadets were able to successfully remove the flat tire and put on the spare, saving the day for Ms. Aunet.  This is a true example of how the Seahawk nation truly is a family--willing to help out whenever and however it is needed. Congratulations to all four of these cadets!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for February!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Nicole Coviello has been nominated by Senior Chief McClain.  Cadet Coviello is a cadet with multi-faceted talents. She is deeply committed to the objectives of the Delaware Military Academy and has immediately taken it upon herself to become an impressive ambassador of the school whether on or off campus.  Cadet Coviello is an honors student who currently maintains an overall Naval Science grade of 95 this marking period and for the year to date, and arrived to the DMA as a former member of the National Junior Honor Society in good standing. She sets an outstanding example among her freshman peers by wearing the uniform with pride and dignity on a daily basis, not just on personnel inspection days, where she maintains a 99 average for the year to date. She is always willing to offer a helping hand to anyone and is quite generous with her time. Cadet Coviello is delighted and grateful to be a cadet at the Delaware Military Academy and has expressed both her gratitude and dedicated loyalty to upholding the DMA’s mission. Congratulations Cadet Coviello! SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Emily Jer-Don has been nominated by Senior Chief Williams to represent the Sophomore Class as the Shining Seahawk for the month of February.  Emily is a dedicated, determined and talented young lady who routinely goes above and beyond what would normally be expected of a tenth grader in high school. She recently competed in the Miss Delaware Teen USA Pageant where she earned third runner-up and recognition as Miss Congeniality.  Additionally, the Newark based Exceptional Care for Children Program recognized her with the Volunteer of the Year Award for her continued support and commitment to children with disabilities. Thank you Emily for all you do to assist others in our communities, for what you do for the children at Exceptional Care, and for the support you provide to your fellow cadets. You embody our core values and serve as an outstanding example to all… Congratulations! JUNIOR:  Cadet Elizabeth Kelly has been nominated by Chief Craig to represent the Junior Class as the Shining Seahawk for the month of February.  Elizabeth is a dedicated, determined and goal oriented cadet who personifies our core values of honor, courage and commitment. She serves in the NJROTC program as the Platoon Leader for Juliet Platoon where she excels at every task assigned and always delivers the desired product on time, or ahead of schedule Her can-do attitude and commitment to excellence is most noteworthy along with her team player approach… regardless of the order or challenge involved.  Cadet Kelly excels academically as evidenced by her 3.8 GPA and her “no task too difficult” attitude serves as a great example for all. Congratulations Elizabeth and thank you for all your hard work and dedication… those character traits will serve you well going forward. You are an outstanding ambassador for DMA and a superb example of a “Shining Seahawk!” SENIOR:  Cadet/Lieutenant Junior Grade Trent Whitaker has been nominated by the Commandant to represent the Senior Class as the Shining Seahawk for the month of February.  Trent is a dedicated and determined young man who personifies our core values of honor, courage and commitment. He serves as our 1st Company Operational Risk Management Officer and as an aide to the Senior Naval Science Instructor where he excels at every task assigned.  Cadet Whitaker was recently highlighted in the local newspaper for rescuing a dog that had broken through the ice at Carousel Park. His can-do attitude and selfless devotion to duty resulted in saving and reuniting the dog with a very happy and thankful family. Thank you Trent for all you do to assist others in our communities and for what you do for us here at DMA. You’re a great ambassador and an outstanding example of a “Shining Seahawk!”
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks for April!
FRESHMAN:  Cadet Caleb Buckholdt has been nominated by Master Sergeant Howie.  Cadet Buckholdt is like a 4 leaf clover that stands apart from the others, and as his instructor, I am lucky to have him within my ranks. Since the first day of school when he arrived on campus, you could sense that this young man is rooted in strong values of faith, discipline and positive attributes. Quick to lend a hand to help others and quick to raise his hand to get answers for academics, Cadet Buckholdt is the high caliber cadet that makes this program function well.  As the Guide-on for his platoon, Caleb shows he is the leader to follow. For this position of guide-on bearer isn't given, it's earned and the cadet that carries their platoon's colors is a direct representation of all that military command stands for: love of God, country, and unit and commitment to others. Cadet Buckholdt embodies all of these. Your self-sacrifice, loyalty to the program and the school is worthy of recognition and, if you were in the Marine Corps, I would feel safe to know that you’ve got my six (6). God Bless and Semper Fi. SOPHOMORE:  Cadet Ellie Appleton has been nominated by Mr. Lingenfelter. There comes a time when a cadet, standing in the shadows in the Seahawk Nation with a silent voice, not because they have nothing to say, but because their voice is leadership through action instead. You can clearly see the adult beginning to form in Cadet Appleton by the wisdom she demonstrates.  As her journey continues through DMA, I see a strength building in this cadet's character. Not often do we see someone soar to the Mountain Top… flying, gathering, learning to sail the winds of knowledge that build the upstanding person this cadet is to become… I am so proud to nominate Cadet Ellie Appleton for Shining Seahawk of the Month; she has grown to be one of DMA's finest, brightest, and most respectful cadets. If that isn't enough, seeing her smile first thing in the morning, crossing the crosswalk, hearing "Good Morning Mr. L" is a great start to anyone's day. Congrats Kiddo, and keep climbing to the Mountain Top; it's a great place to be. JUNIOR Cadet Alvin Halley has been nominated by Mr. Young to represent the Junior class as Shining Seahawk.  At the beginning of the year Alvin volunteered to lead the post-lunch clean up crew.  His service in this capacity has been nothing short of outstanding!  On his own initiative, he developed a process that is efficient, timely, requires no supervision, and is always done right … the first time!  I was particularly impressed with the character Cadet Halley demonstrated when school was dismissed early following lunch due to inclement weather.  Alvin, instead of leaving like everyone else, took it upon himself to stay and clean the Mess Hall and the Drill Deck.  His can-do attitude and selfless devotion to an assignment he could have easily walked away from speaks volumes to his great character and greatly assisted the custodial staff.  Thank you, Alvin, for your support around the school.  You’re an awesome young man with tremendous potential and talent.  Keep up the good work and congratulations on a job well done! Senior Cadet James Sidlowski has been nominated by Mrs. Bradley and Ms. Aunet.  It has been a true pleasure having the opportunity to teach Cadet Sidlowski for two years in a row. Cadet Sidlowski has proven to be one of the finest cadets to ever pass through DMA. Recently, the Commandant addressed the incoming freshman class and discussed the importance of leaving a legacy as a DMA cadet, not just for the benefit of the individual cadet, but for the benefit of the entire school and future cadets. I can't think of another cadet who has taken up that charge more so that Cadet Sidlowski. His integrity is unparalleled, as is his enthusiasm and dedication to his studies and his school. In the classroom, Cadet Sidlowski sets an example of critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and open-mindedness--characteristics that will pave his way to being a life-long learner. He also actively seeks out advice and constructive criticism in his constant path toward improvement. And every day, he brings an unwavering smile, positive attitude, and sense of humor to the classroom. These same traits have helped him be one of the most effective leaders of the school as Student Government President. While many given positions of authority use it as a means of bettering themselves, Cadet Sidlowski has also used his position to better the school and those around him. Not a day goes by that I don't see him running around organizing student government members, projects, or events. And even though his tenure is coming to an end, he remains equally dedicated to insuring that our next leaders are prepared to fill his shoes. Personally, I think that will be quite a challenging task. Cadet Sidlowski has left an indelible mark on DMA and on me as a teacher. I feel honored to have been part of his journey toward succes and I know that wherever life takes Cadet Sidlowski, he will continue to shine.
Bravo Zulu!
Bravo Zulu!
Shining Seahawks of the 2017-2018 YEAR!
Freshman – Thomas McAdoo Sophomore – Ellie Appleton Junior – Gavin Lewis Senior – James Sidlowski
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