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Sick Bay

From providing first aid to administering medications, DMA’s Sick Bay is always at the ready should one of our Cadets need medical services while on campus.

DMA's COVID-19 Return Info

DMA Sick Bay Contact Information

paige dolan

Paige Dolan

DMA Sick Bay Contact Information

If your cadet feels sick during the school day please ask them to report to sick bay for evaluation.

You will be contacted by the nurse if the cadet requires dismissal.

Cadets should not be contacting home via cell phones to be dismissed.

Important Information

Cadet Forms
Physical Form
School Vaccination Medical Exemption Form
Notarized Affidavit Form
Medical Indoctrination Information
Health History
Update Form
NJROTC Health Risk Screening Form
NJROTC Standard Release Form
Medication Permissions
Medications Form
Medications Form