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Survey Deadline Reminder & More

Good morning Seahawk Nation,

We hope you are well rested from the weekend and ready for the week ahead! As a reminder, the survey for in-person or remote instruction closes today at 3:00 pm. The majority of you have completed the survey. Thank you! Those who have not completed the survey will default to remote instruction if it is not completed by the deadline. If you need it again, here is the survey link:

  • Winter sports competitions begin today! We will not allow spectators for the first week of the season. All home events will be live-streamed at where you will be prompted to create an account. After the first week, we will reassess the situation to determine if we will allow two spectators per DMA athlete. We will not allow spectators from the visitor’s team.
  • The end of the first semester is January 22nd. There will not be a make-up week as there was at the end of the first marking period. Cadets should be checking HAC, joining their teacher’s office hours, and ensuring all work is submitted and complete.
  • Congratulations to the following staff who applied for and received a grant through Donors Choose! They are Monica Diaz, Maria Enderica, Danielle White, Tami Soltow, Nancy Rosaio, Valerie Limmina, Joyce Harkey, Erica Perron, and Tara Dick! All of these teachers will receive additional instructional supplies and resources to further enhance their classroom instruction. BRAVO ZULU!
  • From the desk of the school nurse, Mrs. Dolan – if your cadet tested positive for COVID. First, please send the test result/link to the school nurse, Paige Dolan, RN. A few days following the positive test result, DPH will (should) end up calling you about your cadet testing positive. The number could be (302) 446-4262, or it may read DE PUBLICHEALTH on your caller ID. It is a lengthy call, but, if you can, please complete the call. At the end, they will ask you if you want the “every 3 days” follow-up to be via text or email. You may choose whatever you wish, but text is easy. They should also ask you about a clearance letter. Please say yes. If they do not ask about the letter, then please ask them. Once your cadet is cleared to discontinue isolation, you should get a link for a clearance letter. Please send that link to me once you have it. This letter is important for your cadet to return to in-person learning.

As always, if there is anything, we can do to assist you and your cadet(s), please do not hesitate to reach out!


Anthony Pullella

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