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Mid-term Exam Schedule & More

Good morning Seahawk Nation,

Welcome to the last week of October! Hard to believe we are a quarter of the way through the school year! Definitely has been a bizarre 2020!

    • We have had more than a couple of our cadets test positive for Covid-19 over the last couple of weeks, and while that is a major concern for us, what is more concerning is that we are not hearing this information directly from the families. Please understand that in order to run a hybrid/in-person instruction plan, we MUST be informed immediately of any cadet testing positive. We will not share the information with anyone, nor do we blame the cadet for contracting the virus. Please, help us do our job to the best of our ability by communicating this important information.
    • This afternoon, all parents will receive detailed information related to the cohort their cadet has been assigned to during the next phase of our reopening plan. This email will come directly from Mrs. Certesio’s email. If a family did not fill out the survey at the end of September, the cadet has been assigned to the virtual cohort. This is locked-in at this point, but you will have another chance to select hybrid in January. Specific requests to move from one hybrid cohort to another will not be considered at this point. However, a cadet who has been assigned to a hybrid cohort can request to move to the virtual cohort at any time, but will not be permitted to move back to hybrid until January. The cohorts were assigned based on class sizes/needs, not based on last name, so please read the information you receive this afternoon very carefully. If you have any questions, you can email Mrs. Certesio at
    • Starting Monday, November 2nd, ALL cadets will be expected to be in classes (in-person or virtual) from 7:25 am to 2:35 pm Monday through Thursday. Cadets should make any necessary adjustments to work schedules to be in class during the normal school day.
    • Parents, you will be receiving a weekly survey to place lunch orders for your cadets. The surveys will be sent on Tuesday mornings, and due back by Thursday morning for the following week. Please be advised that you must complete and submit the survey if you wish to purchase a lunch for your cadet on those days. Payments will be submitted to the 1st Block teachers and the lunches will be delivered to the classrooms during the respective lunch periods.

Midterm exams will be this Thursday and Friday. Cadets should refer to their specific class to determine if they have a midterm. All midterms will be administered online and cadets are required to attend at the scheduled time unless they have an excused absence.

Here is the midterm schedule:

Midterm Exam Schedule – October 29th & 30th
Thursday, October 29th
0740 – 0920 Block 1 Classes
0925 – 1105 Block 2 Classes
1105 – 1230 LUNCH
1230 – 1410 Block 3 & 4 Classes (mini-block)

Friday, October 30th
0740 – 0920 Block 5 Classes
0925 – 1105 Block 6 Classes

We hope you have a great week, are staying healthy, and remaining optimistic as we work through the trial and tribulations of this pandemic.

Anthony Pullella

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