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November Updates & Sports Report

Good morning Seahawk Nation,

We have made it to November and we are excited to have kids back with us! Welcome back to half of the freshman class! We have some wrinkles to iron out, but overall a safe and successful start to the day. This morning, the cadets will be meeting their teachers and acquainting themselves with their classmates. This afternoon, they will be doing indoctrination with their Naval Science Instructors. The idea is to get them somewhat familiar with the lay of the land before our upperclassmen return next week.

  • Please help us celebrate the new inductees of the National Honor Society by viewing the link for the 2020 Virtual Induction at
    We would like to congratulate all new members on this admirable achievement. New members can pick up their medallions and certificates from Mrs. Bradley (TH-05) beginning next Monday. Cadets who are remaining 100% virtual can stop by the office. Congratulations, cadets!
  • Open enrollment begins today, November 2, 2020, and runs until January 13, 2021. All applications must be completed through We ask that you please share the link for our virtual Open House through all of your social media platforms.
  • As with any other year (pandemic or not), transportation always takes a couple of weeks to get properly situated. Please work with Mr. Gatson if the bus is missing your stop, arriving at a time that is not posted, or any other transportation issues you may be having. Mr. Gatson can be reached at
  • Attendance: Now that we are matriculating (SAT word of the day) back to in-person instruction, we request that you continue to email all notes to school. We would like to reduce and avoid the handling of all paper notes.
    • Full-Day Absence: (Parent and doctor’s) notes should be emailed to Mrs. Kryspin at Jennifer.Kryspin@DMA.K12.DE.US.
    • Late Arrival to School: notes should be emailed to Mrs. Taylor at Rachel.Taylor@DMA.K12.DE.US. Your cadet should come to the main office for a slip to head to their appropriate class.
    • Early Dismissal notes should be emailed to Mrs. Taylor at Rachel.Taylor@DMA.K12.DE.US. Mrs. Taylor will call your cadet out of class for their early dismissal at the appropriate time.

Any questions regarding attendance please contact Ms. Kryspin at

  • Drop-off & Pick-up procedures: Parents who drop off in the morning, the traffic flow is as follows:
    • Pull into the first entrance of DMA and turn left at the second building. You will see me standing there, directing you to either drop off at the end of the building or right in front of me depending on the traffic behind you. Your cadet will then go directly into McDonald Hall. You will then exit the campus through the second gate. Just follow the direction of the Staff and we will have you on your way.
  • Parents who pick up in the afternoon:
    • Dismissal this week will be at 2:30 pm and after this week, dismissal will be at 11:20 am. Please arrive prior to dismissal time, drive behind McDonald Hall (second building) and begin lining up. You will see a staff member or myself telling you where to stop. After the buses are dismissed, you will be permitted to park in a space or your cadet will just come to your vehicle. We will then dismiss you through one of two exits, depending on the traffic. After a few days, this becomes second nature.
  • Your cadet’s assigned cohort has not changed. Beginning next week (November 6th), if your cadet is in Cohort A, they will be in-person Monday and Tuesday 7:25 am to 11:20 am, and synchronous Wednesday and Thursday (virtually). Cohort B is synchronous Monday and Tuesday (virtually) and in-person Wednesday and Thursday. All Cadets will be Asynchronous on Friday.
  • All cadets are required to answer the attendance question this week. Also, if a cadet is completing a makeup assignment (which all of them should be doing), it is important for them to email their teacher notifying them when that assignment has been submitted.
  • Just a reminder to do your self-assessments every morning prior to reporting to school. Please inform us if your cadet has any COVID-like symptoms and does not report to school. Also, please make sure you send Positive test results to the school nurse ASAP so that contact tracing can begin. Stay Healthy! Nurse Dolan can be reached at
  • Athletics Report: Last week’s results: Congratulations to all of our sports teams who are off to a great start of the season.

Football defeated St. Elizabeth 37-0 and are currently 2-0 in the season.
Volleyball defeated Wilmington Charter 3-2 and are currently 2-2 in the season.
Field Hockey is currently 2-0 in the season.
Cross Country defeated MOT Charter and is currently 2-2 in the season.
Boys Soccer defeated Red Lion 8-0 and is currently 3-1 in the season.

Week 1 Athlete of the Week
Men’s Athlete of The Week – Dominic Sama
Women’s Athlete of The Week – Adriana Palladinetti

Week 2 Athlete of the Week
Men’s Athlete of The Week – Colin Lawville
Women’s Athlete of The Week – Kaylee Longueira

We look forward to a great week with the cadets and as always, if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Anthony Pullella

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