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In-Person Full Days Survey

Good morning Seahawk Nation,

Happy Monday! This newsletter contains the link to our survey to determine our numbers/capacity for in-person full days beginning April 12th.

Critically important, that whatever option you choose, you follow through with that option. Reason being, if our numbers indicate that more than “X” amount of cadets want to return for in-person instruction we can only offer Cohort A & B because of the three-foot rule in the classrooms. However, if families opt for in-person, but then keep their child home, it is very problematic, because it gives us a skewed total. The lower our true numbers are for in-person the more days we
would be able to offer.

As an example, right now, we have 365 cadets who opted for in-person instruction, but we do not have 365 cadets attending on their regularly scheduled day(s). We want our families to choose what is right for their particular situation, but please be mindful of the families who are looking to get their cadet back into the classroom as many days as possible.

This is why the survey is so important, because our numbers (based on what information you are providing), determines how many cadets we can accommodate in each classroom while adhering to the three-foot rule mandated by our elected officials.

The guidance we are receiving at this time is we should plan to be in some sort of hybrid cohort through the remainder of this year and through the start of next year. Certainly, we hope that with rising vaccinations and declining cases of Covid this will not be the case, but until we receive the green light that all systems are GO we must prepare and ready ourselves to offer the very best possible learning environment under the designed parameters in which we are instructed to operate.

Please complete the survey below and again, we ask you to consider your decision carefully, as it has a ripple effect on all of our families regarding what we can and cannot offer.

Here is the link: – the survey will close at 3:00 pm on Monday, March 22nd and parents will be notified by April 1st to the email they provide in the survey. One survey per cadet.

If you have any questions regarding the survey, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to discuss further. We will also be sending out additional DMA-related matters this Wednesday.

Anthony Pullella

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