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Our Cadets Are Up and Running!

Good morning Seahawk Nation,

Here we are, remotely the second week of school. Overall, DMA is in a good place with our virtual learning plan, and minus a couple of login issues, all of our cadets are up and running! We wanted to share with you our responses to a couple of questions/inquires we have received as well as some additional services we have contracted in order to make our virtual experience the best it can be! Again, a fair amount of information here, but once we all are on the same page and know the system the better off we all will be!

    • We were fielding some calls and reports from Staff that Zoom was not allowing our cadets into the class. As a result, DMA purchased a paid subscription to the platform. Some cadets were not admitted to classes this morning, because they did not properly identify themselves. You must include your first and last name or the teacher will not admit you ~ this is an important safety measure. If this is the case, the teacher should message you in ZOOM and let you know that you need to make the name change. Once you have put your name in, they will admit you. If you are having a technical issue getting into the class, please email the teacher so, they can provide the recorded lessons so you do not fall behind.
    • At the end of last week, a new Health History Form was released for schools to be using for their emergency cards. Unfortunately, most of you have filled out the emergency card that was sent out in the packet in August, but I will need everyone to fill this attached form out for each cadet. Please sign and date the bottom. It is the backside to the emergency card and it is different from the one you already filled out. Please print, fill out, scan and email back to drop off at DMA or fill out on the computer and send back to me. Thank you. Paige Dolan, RN, MSN
    • Attendance is a critical component for your cadet’s success not only in-person but even more so remotely. As you know, DMA is running synchronous (live) and asynchronous (pre-recorded) class every day. On synchronous days, cadets are expected to be in the virtual class on time. Any cadet arriving more than 10 minutes late will be considered absent (without a valid excuse) from the class that day and the highest grade your cadet can earn for work submitted during an unexcused absence is a B. The grade will drop a letter grade per day after the assigned due date of the assignment and after the third day, the highest grade your cadet can earn is a D. On asynchronous days’ work must be submitted before midnight. Any work not submitted will follow the same grading. Please see the DMA website for the DMA attendance policy and procedures in its entirety.
    • This Friday, September 11th marks the 17th year since the attacks on NYC, Washington DC, and Shanksville, PA. DMA, as we have done every year since our founding in 2003 will honor and recognize the victims and heroes of that tragic day 17 years ago. We will be sending out a link for our cadets (and parents if you wish) to watch and take a moment of your day to remember with us. While it won’t be in person, the message and the memory do not change.
    • Reminder from CDR Easley that there are still about 35 pairs of pants that need to be picked up over in MacDonald hall. Please make sure to stop by between 0800 and 1400 Monday-Thursday to pick up your uniform pants.
    • If your cadet has a 504 plan or an IEP please complete the following form to confirm information with Mrs. Tocyloski. This is critically important for 9th-grade cadets as information is transitioning from their sending middle school to DMA.
    • The class schedule has been designed to ensure the cadets are getting the proper instruction without asking the cadets and staff to sit in front of a computer screen for 7.5 hours a day. That amount of continual screen time is not productive and will quickly lead to ZOOM fatigue. Your cadets have EVERY class, every day whether synchronous (live) or asynchronous. All course materials (and ZOOM links) are accessible from Schoology and your cadet should log in to Schoology every morning for class assignments and updates. If your cadet is having an issue figuring out their schedule, please email Mrs. Tocyloski ( or Mrs. Certesio ( and we will be happy to help them to understand when their live classes meet.
    • The Home Access website can be accessed at If you are an upperclassman and having issues accessing your HAC, you can email Mrs. Taylor ( or Mrs. Certesio ( and we can reset your password. If you are a 9th grader, you were given instructions for accessing HAC that included an access code. You need to go to the link above and select ‘Click Here to Register with Access Code’ and enter your access code during the registration process. If you have misplaced these instructions, Mrs. Taylor can get you a copy of the access code if you email her at In the future, when you login, be sure to select Delaware Military Academy from the drop-down menu.
    • Band is a critical communication tool for the Commandant, the Guidance Department, and the Naval Science Department. If you have specific questions or concerns, please reach out to the appropriate person directly. The BAND App is not the place to ask individual, specific questions about classes or technology. We are always happy to help but the Class of XXXX BAND apps are actually designed for the guidance department to utilize for college planning.
    • Chromebook issues are less and less each day! Your patience is appreciated! If you still need assistance you can still fill out the final google form and Mr. Grant will contact you,
    • Per your contract, it is $250 if your Chromebook is damaged and needs to be replaced! We recommended purchasing a protective cover. The model is an 11A G8 EE so a quick google search will get you a lot of options.
    • We are unlocking the email! We are hoping to utilize the student email for outside educational functions like Parchment, College stuff, and more! With that in mind we are making them able to email outside of the DMA domain… please continue to use the email responsibly!
    • As we understand the Chromebooks better and learn, more of how the teachers and students are using them there will of course be obstacles! Keep your chin up and don’t be afraid to reach out for help! Mr. Grant is working with the teachers daily to make sure you have access to the things you need and the ability to complete your assignments with as much ease as possible.

We are learning more and more about the capabilities of our Go Guardian platform and all of its capabilities! As we continue, I suspect our teachers will become surgical with this way of teaching and the lessons and instruction provided will be that much better. We already have some staff who are quite comfortable with the platforms and between the online training and our staff sharing what they know, it should produce some cutting-edge instruction.

As we all know, the pandemic has placed us in a very fluid situation with new and changing information daily. We continue to monitor and communicate with all the proper officials and have done our best to have alternate plans for any scenario that would require us to pivot in another direction. I do feel our staff and Admin team really do deserve a pat on the back for how they have rallied together to make this online learning the best it can be. We are lucky to have a team who are optimistic and work to make the best of every situation and understand they may be asked to change course at any given time. All the difference in the world when working with folks who say we can make that happen, versus I can’t.

Kind regards,
Anthony Pullella

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