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We Are Busy!

Good afternoon Seahawk Nation,

Suffice it to say, we are busy! Not in a hectic, discombobulated way, but in a, every issue/concern is deserving of top billet and our attention. Our goal is to have absolutely everything ready to go next week, but we need your help! We need all of our families (and cadets) to join my Band as well as your class year Band. The links for all are provided below.

We plan to send out additional information (via Band) in the next twenty-four hours for what Monday, August 31st will look like for our cadets and parents, but if you are not receiving (or reading) yes, some of you aren’t reading our emails! We know who you are! Lol… then it makes it very difficult for all of us.

We do our best to limit the amount of communication we send because we know you are receiving information from other schools, your place of employment, etc… Therefore, we are very mindful of your time and how much one can actually open up and read.

Here are the links to the pertinent Band apps:

Commandant’s Alert

Class of 2024
Class of 2023
Class of 2022
Class of 2021

Also, some parents have sent us individual emails with questions regarding virtual time (synchronous), will we get kids together in person, and other very good questions. These are important to us and we promise to address all questions and send out the information to all of our families in the event you have the same question.

We know there will be hiccups in technology, acclimating to the new schedule, and a host of other issues, but through communication and working together, we will excel in this new learning environment. We look forward to getting back to in person education (which we hope will be sooner than later), but we will look back at this experience, be glad it is over with, and come out better equipped and prepared for whatever the future throws our way!

Stay strong Seahawk Nation and stay after it!


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