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thinking we are the right choice for your daughter or son

My family chose DMA because, it’s a safe place where my child can stretch and learn how to drive herself to new heights. DMA isn’t just a high school, it’s a place where kids find purpose, spirit, independence, respect, and a foundation that lasts a lifetime. My child stepped out of her comfort zone, and is obtaining valuable leadership skills that will carry her forward into college. We are proud parents of a Seahawk and happy our son will join the Seahawk nation next fall!

Zane Gordy, Parent
Class of 2024

My family chose DMA because of the rigorous academic program, extensive athletic program, and opportunity for exposure to the military lifestyle since our son is considering a career in the military.  DMA focuses not only on academics and physical training but instilling leadership and a servant’s attitude.  The staff creates a strong cohesive family where my son feels safe to be himself and we are confident he is supported.  We are thankful to be part of the Seahawk family every day.

Sarah Swift, Parent
Class of 2024

The Pistoria Family chose the DMA Family because of the 3 ships. CITIZENSHIP, LEADERSHIP & SCHOLARSHIP. In this day and age, we all need to strive to reach goals in our lives & get involved in the community and our surroundings. Be a part of the solution & not a part of the problem. Our son Robert is a graduating Senior “Class of 2022”!

Robert & Jennifer Pistoria, Parents
Class of 2022

I am privileged to be on the Board of Directors of the Delaware Military Academy and have been associated with the School since its inception. DMA lives up to its core values of Citizenship, Leadership, and Scholarship instilling structure, order, discipline, and values to the cadets. No better testimony can be given.

Major General Francis Vavala (Ret)
Board Member

My family chose DMA, because we were extremely impressed by the sense of community we felt at Open House.  We honestly could not believe the amount of structure and discipline in such young teenagers.  The overall school spirit is amazing!
I have to say that after the past year+ of unknown times we are reminded again that we made the right choice! Thank you for helping to make our daughters and all the Seniors a Year full of memories and one of the BEST yet!! They deserve it!

Shana Delcollo, Parent
Class of 2022

We chose Delaware Military Academy as my daughter felt she could excel being their curriculum was both rigorous and challenging. The staff and Mr. Pullella show so much dedication to the cadet’s day in and day out and we consider everyone to be our extended family.
As a parent of a proud junior, we know we made the right decision. There is so much for each cadet to be involved in (inside and outside) of school with the results being extremely rewarding.  Great school, excellent teachers and staff-SEAHAWKS PROUD.

Nicole Badolato, Parent
Class of 2023

My family chose DMA because I and my son grew up in the shadows of DMA. I can see the dome from my childhood home’s backyardI. I watched the land where DMA sits grow from centuries-old homes with fields and a very large pipeline Co.  Into the beautiful campus that it has grown to become today. Piece by piece. I have had several nieces and many children of very close friends go through the entire experience of being a DMA cadet. Every single one of them has gone on to become professionals in the community or serving their country. And more importantly, great people!  Hearing from all of these former DMA cadets their experience and appreciation for what this school has given them is the reason I wanted my son to attend this school. Ever since he was a 2nd grader at Richardson Park and his cadet friend would visit him once a week. DMA is a family, not just a school. There is no other place I would want my son to spend his high school years.

Joseph Hughes, Parent
Class of 2024

My three children chose DMA for a multitude of reasons starting with academics, class size, and athletics.  DMA has been able to provide courses challenging my children to be better students from CP to dual enrollment and instilled the drive for academic excellence. The teachers also are motivated, engaged, and committed to truly getting to know the students, their learning style, and how to make them successful in the classroom.  I also am confident that my children were well prepared for life after high school whether college or military by the skills in which they were taught.  The school spirit and athletic program is second to none with the sense of community involvement and “family” like atmosphere not only for the students but for the entire family with a variety of events and functions throughout the year.  DMA has contributed to our family in many ways but primarily in the character building of each of my children. We are very happy with our choice three times over and after 9 years, I can honestly say the school has met every expectation that I had.  Once a Seahawk, always a Seahawk!

LeaAnn Longueira, Parent
Class of 2022

My family chose DMA because we heard it was a great school that would help put my child on a successful path for his future. The school spirit, the enthusiasm for sports, academic excellence, and being one big DMA family has made being a part of DMA so much more!

Christy DeMaio Ziegler, Parent
Class of 2024

We chose DMA for our sons because we wanted a school that embodies family, academics, sports, and service. 
DMA is not just a school it is a community.  We are DMA proud!

Maria & Mike Staman, Parents
Class of 2020 and 2023

Our family chose DMA because we believe in the culture, the discipline, and the camaraderie- plus there’s nowhere with better school spirit than Seahawk Nation!

Megan and Ron O’Donnell, Parents
Class of 2024

My family chose DMA initially because of the small size, the school environment, and our son loved it. What we found after, no one could have prepared us for. We found a community that accepts and supports everyone and educators that are passionate, fun, and caring. A huge family of cadets, parents, and staff that love, live, and breath everything that is DMA. Cadets actually enjoy being at school! You will not find a better school for your child or a better community to be a part of.

Anonymous, Parent
Class of 2022

Our family chose DMA because of the school spirit and welcoming feeling both kids got right from the start at the open house! DMA has provided an excellent disciplined academic and athletic environment in a beautiful campus where they have learned to be leaders and contribute positively to the community. Both are very happy and proud to be Seahawks!

Dan & Jenn Gennusa, Parents
Parents, Class of 2023 & 2025

DMA is all we know. DMA was the high school choice for our two sons, class of 2014 and 2016.
Today it’s the home of our daughter class of 25 where we know they will continue to provide a safe environment and strong emphasis on the well-being and nurturing of all of their students.

Phil and Karen Hill, Parents
Class of 2025

My family chose DMA because the school environment is like no other! It has a community feel where staff, cadets, and coaches persevere through challenges as one Seahawk nation and celebrate each other’s academic and athletic successes with dignity and pride! We are proud to be part of the DMA family!

Alex Leech, Parent
Class of 2024

We chose DMA because we were confident that our son could excel academically and athletically while also developing leadership skills.

Kim Williams, Parent
Class of 2023

My Family Chose DMA because from the first time we entered McDonald Hall for Choice Open House, we felt at home. Admin and cadets alike in common uniform gave us a sense of solidarity and equivalency within the school. At the same time, the energy and exuberance shown by cadets confirming how much they themselves enjoyed being there impressed us enormously. Thank you SO MUCH DMA!!!

Cynthia DeStafney, Parent
Class of 2022

My family chose DMA because it feels like family. The past 4 years have been some of the best we’ve experienced.

Carrie Pallandinetti, Parent
Class of 2022

My son chose DMA because he felt it would be the best pathway to attain his aspirations of attending a Service Academy. With only a little over 2 months since the start of school, we feel they have more than succeeded in helping him attain this goal.

Anonymous, Parent
Class of 2025

As a parent, I felt the discipline of a military school would be an asset to my daughter’s future so together we chose Delaware Military Academy. Almost 2 years later both I and my daughter could not be happier. Mr. Pullella and staff have ensured a military experience (which is with each cadet for life) while also giving a very high academic level of teaching and second to none sports. It is more than obvious to me that Mr. Pullella and staff truly care about their cadets as I witness them going over and above to pass on to cadets their very experienced knowledge. I see by my daughter’s happiness every day along with her grades it is obvious she loves DMA. I feel privileged that my daughter is a part of this amazing rocketing school and highly recommend for newcomers to get in line early to be a part of DMA. The word is out, DMA is the school to attend in Delaware! Congratulations DMA, as your hard work truly is paying off.

Ronnie Robinson, Parent
Class of 2024

My family chose DMA because of the core values they install into the student body.

Nicole Guerrieri, Parent
Class of 2023

My family chose DMA because of the structure, discipline, and values that they teach and expect from their cadets. The commitment and care that DMA shows their students is truly unmatched! We couldn’t have picked a better school.

Anonymous, Parent
Class of 2025

Our family chose DMA because of the strong academics and NJROTC program. Best decision ever!

Debbie Brennan, Parent
Class of 2022

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