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Pre-Season Starts Soon!

Good morning Seahawk Nation!

Certainly hope everyone is enjoying their summer and finding a chance to get away or at least, have some downtime.  Here at DMA, we have been busy with an exciting, upcoming project/major upgrade to the campus (we will share much more on this soon!) as well as preparing and readying for the start of another school year, our TWENTIETH school year!  Not sure where the time went, but it has been an amazing twenty years and we look forward to the next twenty being even better! We will share much more with you about plans, celebrations, and events to recognize our twenty-year anniversary in the very near future!

Preseason is right around the corner, for football, as early as next week.  Just so, we are all on the same page, when returning to DMA for organized practices our cadets will meet the grooming standards.  Braided, twisted, or mullet-style haircuts will not be tolerated.  Cadets are expected and required to have haircuts that not only meet the NJROTC guidelines but DMA’s guidelines as well.  The shaved sides of the head that do not taper and exceed three or four inches of bulk on top will not be permissible.  Simply put, if you are a cadet at DMA your hair (for males) will be relatively short and you will look (and act) the part of a DMA cadet.  There is no flexibility in this regulation.  Males will also be clean-shaven with no piercings.  Females, your hair will be your natural color pulled back in a ponytail and you will have no other piercings showing other than the (1) one allowed in the lobe of your ear.  Administration and coaches have been informed of proper grooming standards and instructed to send any cadet back home until they adhere to the regulations.  We trust this should not be an issue for anyone based on the fact that your child chose a school that operates a full-time NJROTC program.

Here are a couple of examples of acceptable haircuts/styles:

male hair female hair

If you have any additional questions regarding grooming standards, please direct them to one of our Instructor’s in the Naval Science department.


Anthony Pullella

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